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Welcome to our catalogue of antique and classic boat hardware and supplies!

Throughout our long history we have been supplying professionals and amateurs alike with helpful advice for repairing, building or simply sprucing up their boats. We stock a wide variety of "Hard to Find" boat supplies that are no longer carried at most marine supply stores.

Ordering from our expanded inventory is made easy with Tendercraft's catalogue, along with our friendly telephone staff that is available most weekdays to answer questions and offer professional advice.
Please contact the boatbuilder, Peter Code for any custom orders or for help with your project.

We promise customer satisfaction and will ship anywhere via Canada Post/ USPS or Courier to ensure speedy and economical delivery.

Tendercraft is now located in Mississauga

Fall Store Hours:
Monday to Thursday 9 am to 2:30 pm

CLOSED -  October 1 to October 9

Other Times:
By Appointment only

Please email info@tendercraftboats.com for current item pricing

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