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Here are just a few letters from satisfied customers:

  • "You people have been swell and helpful in my endeavour to build a craft I'm proud of, and I've had many comments - all good!"...
    Jim, Mid West, USA

  • "I certainly feel that I have received a lot of help from you, even if it was just your matter-of-fact responses that reduced my urge to panic. I have steered all admiring potential builders your way"...
    W Ross F McKee, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • "I appreciated your guidance and ready willingness to answer all my questions"...
    Dave Steele, Grosse Pointe, Michigan, USA

  • "At this time we would like to thank you for your excellent service, co-operation and advice. It is a pleasure to deal with a company such as yours, and look forward to further business"...
    Bonnie Wells & Joe McDonald, Invermere, B.C., Canada

  • "I want to thank you for your patience and kind advice on the finishing of my kayak. The filler and paint both in quantity and quality were just right. The finish is dazzling!"...
    Doug Gaetz, Batchawana Bay, Ontario, Canada

  • "An excellent manual and excellent materials from your company. Thank you"...
    Andrea Moore, Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada

  • "Finally, I find a quiet moment to collect some pictures of my completed boat. The finish is almost perfect and is made to please for a long time to come. I would like to thank you for your prompt service and help"...
    Martin Obrist, Utikon-Waldeg, Switzerland

  • "After checking out several outlets for materials, I found it more convenient to breeze in to TenderCraft. The next thing ya know my special hardener, book or whatever had been ordered, delivered and presented with a smile"...
    Greg Ellesworth, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • "Your shop is high on my list of places to visit"...
    John Hagerman, Santa Monica, California, USA

  • "The canoe is superb. Beyond my wildest expectations in both performance and aesthetic delight. It is a joy beyond words - superb stability and very responsive, plus unbelievably light!"...
    Bob, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • "I am happy to be able to get these items again. You have been very obliging and thank you"...
    Bob Roffey, Arnprior, Ontario, Canada

  • "Again, thanks for your help and encouragement"...
    David W Abbott, Detroit, Michigan, USA

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